Welcome to the Music Room page and directory, slowly being assembled. There are some playlists below, divvied up by style rather than by album/cd/release. Thanks for stopping in.

There’s lots of guitar here, of course: acoustic, electric, slide, prepared guitar, lap steel, fx freak outs and more. And songs of all sizes, be it a full electric band or a solo folkie nugget. But there’s also the sound-making adventures I’ve always been fond of taking that get featured as well. The lap steel/fx duet with shortwave radio that is “Hurtling Thru the Information Age”. The contagious (literally) electric prose of “Language”. The Pink Floyd cover “Echoes pt2”, arranged for autoharp, tea kettle, trash pail, cassette case and seashore. A guitar conjuring up CB radio voices and phone conversation in “Word Travels Fast”. Vignettes from the Urban Candid Mic-ing series. The tabla, gong and organ sounds coaxed out of an old Richenbacher slide guitar on “Steel, Delay and Buddhist Monks” and more. The excursions and lab experiments. In case no one else was going to. Oh, and there’s songs too. Right.

Electric guitar playlist:


Experimental playlist:


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Mixed playlist: