Bienvenue, welcome, namaste!

                             “Remember, remember, the fifth of November,                                                                             To turn back your clocks by one hour”                                                                                                                                      -unknown

November 5th, 2011.  Hey there, welcome to the front porch. Hope to have the door open soon. There’ll be sound environments, songs, videos, musings on experimental recording and more, plus a monthly featured-friend’s musical projects. Please check back; it would be great to have you and your musical observations along for the ride!         -Jeff Creamer

9 thoughts on “Bienvenue, welcome, namaste!

  1. Long overdue and much welcomed—the internet finally removes it’s court jester hat and lets it’s hair down—and like a good cup of coffee it’s finally complete with a little Creamer added

      • I hadn’t thought of website shwag really. But yeah, Bryan would now probably get a free tee shirt for being needlessly heckled on my virtual ‘front porch’ by one of my virtual guests, and you’d probably have to buy one.

  2. I miss TAPES…so uh, when’s the content arriving? Is there going to be anything as good as Plow? Some of your weirder stuff just goes right over my head, ha ha!

    • Thanks for the comment, FHM! Admittedly, it helps to be a bit ‘ready-for-anything’, (or just have your hand on the volume knob), when blindly clicking on a Jeff recording. One of the benefits of having this site is that the listener will have 3 ways to access the music: by type (ie- song vs noise piece), in original intended sequence (ie- “Frothing Hydra” segue into “Steel, Delay and Buddhist Monks”), or in random order. That way, people who need either a ‘safer’ song-oriented experience or a more warped all lo-fi space/noise session can do that if they choose, and people who want a surprise or the original order can opt for those.

  3. Something you said in an earlier email to me regarding the relevancy of Tom Waits in current music—Got me thinking as I have been recently digesting his new album called “Bad as me”—Keith Richards plays guitar on 3 tracks —all in all not a bad album—Not his best either—Lyrically it’s there for the most part—Sometimes it takes a few listens to get on board all the way—Still chewing on it

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