Video: Attack of the Glow

Here’s a short video to start December. POV: Lying on the forest floor, looking up at the leaves. The clouds have held the bright fall colors in check; that is, until the sun arrives, igniting the whole forest up with a vivid glow. Watch the treetops sway above you, autumn briefly reigning until the arrival of winter. 

I also re-edited my first HD vid from last week, shortening it and correcting the sound. In this one, three leaves, making good progress downstream, enter an eddy. “It’s a trap!” Too late, they enter the swirl of purgatory. See that short in the post below (re-uploaded today).

Video: Seasonal Leaves’ Dilemma- “It’s A Trap!”

Depending upon your locale’s elevation and latitude, the leaves in your area may have changed six weeks ago or they just might be getting started in mid- and late November. I took my cam and got some foliage footage around Rock Creek Park in DC a few days ago, and am in the process of editing them down to a few short videos. Some of the footage I liked was of all the leaves traveling downstream, many of which had begun to slow and circle as their predecessors started to clog the stream’s arteries. Good timing. The next day when I returned to get some more shots like that, the stream was fully clogged.

Seasonal leaves video #1 is a stationary camera angle, shot in HD just above water level, of leaves caught in an eddy, and captures the harsh glare of the late afternoon November sun, even with the camera and stream bed fully in the shade.