The music and noise arrive…

November 22-30, 2011. While construction continues in the music room,¬†there are music players in the sidebar to allow you to quickly grab-n-go with a pop-out music player and get back to surfin’ the web. The playlists let you choose between five styles of Jeff C Radio to listen to; each is a 30 minute mini-set, except for the Slow Space one (17:00), and you can easily scroll thru tracks to go back or skip ahead. There is also a new musicplayer at the bottom of the list which will allow you to scroll through a random ordering of all the tracks onsite if you would prefer an index-by-surprise approach.

Keep an eye out for improvements as we tweak the music players, normalize track volumes and bring more material on board from disparate sources together into a cohesive blend of new and old. We’re very happy to get to this stage of the ‘construction’, and hope you’ll give a curious listen while you’re here. Now there’s more than just a quiet front porch to hang out on; we have a front door and a hallway and we have tunes-to-go. The kitchen and couch can’t be far behind. So like the song says, “Come on in, pull up a chair. Talk to me, thanks for stoppin’ by.” Cheers!

5 thoughts on “The music and noise arrive…

  1. Glad to see all these tunes up–and btw—I just got a new converter for moving old vinyl into the digital world—it looks way better than a previous model–I’ll let you know how it works—cheers

    • Hey Stacey, thanks for dropping in. Glad you’re enjoying “While You Last” per your email; -definitely one of the more humorous takes on mortality here, and was a blast to record.

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