Video: “Days We All Stand Together”

While we’re all waiting for our neophyte host (moi) to settle on the site’s audio and video plug-ins, here’s a semi-recent video link featuring my favorite new guitar effect, the Digitech TimeBender, and my longtime partner in crime, ‘Mudd’ the Stratocaster.

5 thoughts on “Video: “Days We All Stand Together”

  1. Puts me a bit in mind of a band I’ve been listening to lately–The animal collective—the album is Meriweather Post Pavillion—very pretty music in strange repeating patterns that move in unexpected ways

    • Ignatius! Thanks for visiting the new digs and dropping off some verse. (“Keats and Yates are on your side, while Wi-i-ilde is on mine”) Keep an eye out for a post next year on my extensive vicarious international travels. Still got the box of postcards.

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