Bienvenue, welcome, namaste! Thanks for dropping in to the Jeff Creamer website. Jeff’s been writing and recording guitar music, space-scapes, spoken word pieces and songs since the 1980’s; -an eclectic DIY chameleon subsiding under the radar. This site gives you a chance to hear all of the disparate incarnations, elements and styles in one place. There’ll also be videos, artscans, lyrics/prose and pics, as well as occasional articles on writing, playing, recording and experimenting. So poke around and see if anything amuses you or just click on the pop-out music player above and grab some tunes to listen to while you’re surfing the web or doing the dishes. We appreciate you stopping by, drop on in again sometime.  -Jeff

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“Remember, remember, the fifth of November,
To turn back your clocks by one hour”


November 5th, 2011.  Hey there, welcome to the very first post from the brand new front porch of the new site. Hope to have the door open soon. There’ll be sound environments, songs, videos, musings on experimental recording and more. Please check back; it would be great to have you and your musical observations along for the ride!         -Jeff Creamer, Day 1

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Long overdue and much welcomed—the internet finally removes it’s court jester hat and lets it’s hair down—and like a good cup of coffee it’s finally complete with a little Creamer added

    • Thanks for stopping in Jay; glad you enjoyed the slide playing! Mick Taylor and David Gilmour records were my slide guitar ‘teachers’. Lookin’ forward to hearing more Trower-esque Jetplane stuff from you this year. -JC

  2. Hey there!
    Something made me search for you the other day – didn’t take long to find some You-tube double-frisbee… Hot shit! Takes me back to doing that with you in Allston, in some school/church grounds somewhere off Brighton ave. It’s so nice to hear your recordings again – takes me right back to that time… had a hankering for “28” but didn’t see it posted anywhere.
    Anyway, it’s really nice to know you’re still making art and to hear some of it on your site.
    Take care, man.

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